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Murder she wrote


Previous Entry Murder she wrote Aug. 15th, 2005 @ 06:41 pm Next Entry
Damnit!!! I accidentally dropped my O2 mini over the weekend and now it's in ICU.

At the customer service (CS) counter this morning....
CS: I'm afraid you'll have to leave the phone to our care for a few days.
ME: How long would a few days be?
CS: 3 to 5 working days.
ME: Will you be able to lend me a stand-in phone till then?
CS: We don't practice loaning of phones, sorry.
ME: I'm sure you'll be able to work something out. Besides, this is an O2 phone - you know.. PDA for business people on the go. If you're going to need to take the phone away from me, I'll not be able to survive!!! Please see if you can do something about this?

CS excuses herself and comes back a shortwhile later.

CS: I don't have a PDA to loan to you but will a Siemens do?
ME: I'll take it. Appreciate it and thank you very much, miss.
CS: You're welcome.

CS and I proceed with the necessary in-patient paperwork.

ME at 7pm: How does one work a Siemens? It's too complicated to be used in our current tech-savvy but idiot-proof lifestyle we all live in. Guess I'll just wait for it to ring, at least I know how to pick up the god-damn phone!
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